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Cop Tries to Shoot Dog, Shoots Himself Instead




Someone should hire this guy to teach marksmanship to police departments across the country… there’d be a lot fewer dead dogs and homeless people, for starters.

"ended up shooting himself in the process"


God damnit. I grew up in that city, and I know that area very well.



I want a video game where you play a cartoon character and when you get hurt in those cliche cartoon ways you stay in the form for the rest of the level and you need to get hurt in specific ways to solve puzzles

so like you get a piano dropped on you and you are flat


and you use that to get under and through places

wario land 4


SPSL Freddi Fish Fan Programmer Chihiro Fukisaki

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No but seriously most of Tumblr interprets cultural appropriation in the same way over-vigilant preschool monitors interpret ‘no hitting’ to mean ‘no touching.’

Seriously, if you’ve ever been traveling, provided they’re not busy and you’re not a dick, most people will be absolutely stoked that you want to have a go at how they do things. In fact, most of them will wonder how you survived that long doing it your old dumbass way anyway. That or they’ll try to sell you something while you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Note that we tend to do the same with tourists and foreigners over here. Ever been to New York? Cuz, I mean, foreigners gawking at everything is comedy gold no matter where you’re from.

Just, y’know, same principle as reblogging art. Cite your sources and if the source tells you to cut that shit out, do it.




that doesnt even cover like 50% of the surface area of your eyes what the fuck

look it’s guy fieri’s fursona

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Title: Video Challenge Artist: Anamanaguchi 280 plays

Anamanaguchi | Video Challenge

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